Made from grapes grown in harmony with nature

Our land is green and inviting

A sanctuary for all wild creatures

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●  A maiden vintage from a high river valley, and probably a South African first!

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Solara Organic Wines

organic sauvignon blancThe story of Solara Organic Wines is one of dedication and perseverance by Patricia Werdmuller von Elgg, whose unconditional caring for the environment and all living creatures on Hout Baai farm is embodied in each bottle of her maiden 2014 vintage Solara Organic Sauvignon Blanc. This is in fact the culmination of her unrelenting efforts since purchasing the run-down farm outside McGregor in the Cape winelands in 2003.

Today a myriad of live creatures and natural fynbos vegetation flourish here as an interwoven whole around her 10.52 hectares of vineyards – with several animal species having a stake in the wine, in addition to the leopards represented on the label. A R3 donation for each bottle sold, goes to the Landmark Foundation and its leopard research and rescue projects.

Patricia Werdmuller Von Elgg shares her entrepreneurial success with environment and health conscious wine consumers and her farm population alike – including stray and abused animals from the district, housed in kennels and paddocks which make up part of the complex of restored buildings and replanted vineyards on Hout Baai – so named after the mountain river that forms its border.




Solara for sundowners

houtbaai farm mcgregor

Solara – the delicious sundowner suitable for all occasions

a Sauvignon Blanc, smooth and layered with subtle flavours

Made from grapes grown in harmony with nature

our land is green and inviting

a sanctuary for all wild creatures

who by their presence create the balance that adds

uniqueness to our viticulture

Ten years of nurturing the land

and dedicated to preserving it

we have established by integrity

an environment of which to be proud

The internationally certified organic grapes

Are from a registered single vineyard

Situated in a high-altitude river valley

At Hout Baai Farm, McGregor.